GTTSE 2005

Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering

Post-event information

On this page you find some information assembled after the summer school.

Formal proceedings

The formal proceedings of the summer school will be published in Springer's LNCS series with volume number 4143.

  • Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering. Ralf Lämmel, João Saraiva, Joost Visser, eds, LNCS 4143, Springer-Verlag.

The preface is available here.


To be completed ...


  • Zhenjiang Hu, Program Optimization and Transformation in Calculational Form, slides
  • Tom Mens, On the use of graph transformations for model refactoring, slides I and slides II
  • Jean-Luc Hainaut, The Transformational Approach to Database Engineering, slides
  • Don Batory, Feature Oriented Programming for Product-Lines, slides


  • Frédéric Jouault, Model Transformation and Weaving Tools in the AMMA Platform, slides
  • Victor Winter, HATS – A System for Developing and Manipulating Software through Higher-Order Transformation, slides I and slides II


Both speakers and organizers are anxious to get feedback from the summer school participants. In case you have not yet filled out the summer school assessment from, please do so now! Feedback on specific lectures can be sent directly to the speakers, or via the organizers. Such feedback will be very useful when preparing the contributions for the final LNCS proceedings of the summer school and when organizing follow-up events.

Toque de Caixa

After the summer school banquet on July 6 in the restaurant "Três Séculos" of the Taylor's Port wine cellars, the music group Toque de Caixa gave their performance. You can find the home page of Toque de Caixa at:

On that page, you can listen to MP3 snippets of their album, entitled "Histórias do Som". Those interested in buying the album can do so by contacting the group's leader Miguel Teixeira directly.

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