GTTSE 2005

Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering


Deadlines and fees

  • Early registration until April 15, 2005, registration fee EUR 450. closed
  • Late registration until June 1, 2005, registration fee EUR 600. closed

The registration fee includes:

  • accommodation in double room in the 4 star Hotel da Falperra (5 nights)
  • breakfasts, lunch, and coffee breaks (5 days)
  • dinners, reception, and banquet (5 evenings)
  • social programme
  • tutorial material
  • airport shuttles

Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday, July 3, and to be present during the entire summer school, which ends in the late afternoon of Friday, July 8.

Participant selection

The number of participants is limited to 100.

We want to ensure a diverse, well-matched, and well motivated set of participants. Therefor, participants will be selected on the basis of the information they supply on their registration form. In particular, we will take into consideration the relevance of the summer school topics to your area of research and to those of your group.

After receiving your registration form, you will receive notification of acceptance within two weeks, or you will be asked to provide some additional information. Together with the notification of acceptance, you will receive detailed payment instructions. When payment has been received, your registration will be confirmed.

Online registration

Please read the following instructions before completing the online registration form.


The fields marked with '*' are required fields. Don't leave them blank.

For questions or comments (e.g. regarding diets, extra nights, etc.), use the Notes field.

You will be asked to describe your research area or title of the research project you are involved in. In case the connection of these to the summer school topics is not evident, we stronly encourage you to provide clarifying remarks in the field "Why is the summer school relevant to your research work?".

On the form you will be able to indicate whether you intend to contribute a paper presentation to the participants workshop. If so, you can provide a tentative title and tentative abstract. You will be given opportunity at a later stage to provide a final title and abstract (for details see Participants Workshop).

After submission of the registration form, an email will be sent automatically to the email address you provided in the form. This email will contain a password that you can use to modify your registration at a later moment, if needed.

This email only confirms receipt of your registration form. An email with notification of acceptance will follow within two weeks. Payment details will also be communicated at that time.

If you understood the instructions, please fill out the registration form.

Register closed

For questions or suggestions about the registration form, please contact GTTSE2005 at

Modify registration

If you made mistakes in your registration, or want to include additional information, your may do so via the following link. You will need to supply the password that was sent to you after initial registration.

Modify Registration closed

For remaining questions about registration, please contact GTTSE2005 at

Financial support

We are working on raising financial support to be offered in the form of a limited number of summer school grants to individual participants. At this moment, no such support is available yet. We expect to offer only a very small number of grants. When such grants come available this will be announced here.

Participants that need financial support are encouraged to apply on individual basis to local or national sources of funding.

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