GTTSE 2005

Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering

Technology Presentations

The purpose of the technology presentations is to supplement the theoretical knowledge acquired in the tutorials with practical knowledge of how generative and transformational tool support can be instrumental in solving software engineering problems. Technology presentations can include, but are not limited to demonstration of the features of a single tool. Rather, they include:

  • Reference to the generative and transformational concepts behind the technology
  • Application of the technology to a case study of non-trivial scale
  • Clear statement of benefits and limitations of the technology

The participants will have ample opportunity to interact in informal manner with the technology presenters.


Technology presenters will be given the opportunity to give a first 10 minute introduction of their generative and/or transformational technology in a plenary session. These sessions will be scheduled early in the week. During the remaining days, there will be parallel sessions in which summer school participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the various kinds of technology. In these parallel sessions participants and technology presenters will interact in a more informal manner.

Confirmed technology presentations

  • Applications of the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment
    Presented by Mark van den Brand (CWI & HvA, The Netherlands)

  • Domain-specific Language Embedding using Stratego/XT and MetaBorg
    Presented by Martin Bravenboer (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
    Joint work with Eelco Visser (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

  • Applications of Agile Parsing To Web Services
    Presented by Thomas R. Dean (Queen's University, Canada)

  • Data cleaning and transformation using te AJAX framework
    Presented by Helena Galhardas (IST Tagus Park, Portugal)

  • The COMPOST, COMPASS, Inject/J and RECODER Tool Suite for Invasive Software Composition
    Presented by Dirk Heuzeroth (sd&m AG, Germany)
    Joint work with Uwe Aßmann (TU Dresden, Germany), Holger Bär (FZI, Karlsruhe, Germany)

  • Model Transformation and Weaving Tools in the AMMA Platform
    Presented by Frederic Jouault (Université de Nantes, France)
    Joint work with Jean Bézivin (Université de Nantes, France)

  • ConTraCT - A Refactoring Editor based on Composable Conditional Program Transformations
    Presented by Günter Kniesel (University of Bonn)

  • HATS – A System for Developing and Manipulating Software through Higher-Order Transformation
    Presented by Victor Winter (University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA)

  • Model Driven Software Development with Fujaba
    Presented by Albert Zündorf (University of Kassel, Germany)

  • Forms2.NET - Migrating Oracle Forms to Microsoft .NET
    Presented by Mohammad El-Ramly (University of Leicester, UK)

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