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Kick-Off Meeting (Braga, 13-16 June 2005)



Conclusions and Results (see also DeadLines and ToDo)

  • Initial matchings established for proposing joint Ph.D. plans (available here soon).
  • A guide of "expected conduct" will be written, describing the procedures to be followed in case problems arise during a mobility action.
  • It has been decided how to handle the unexpected situations regarding U. EAFIT and UCSE.
  • Agreed on DeadLines for establishing and confirming the pairwise matchings between Eu and LA institutions and for delivering the joint plans.
  • Host Conditions will be made available by the European institutions, to help students in their decisions.

Collected Material

Coordination Presentations

Institution Presentations

Groups / Research Interests Presentations

Scientific Talks

Please upload any relevant material presented at the meeting, by clicking "Attach" below.

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