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TWiki's Research/LerNet web http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet The Research/LerNet web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [webmaster@di.uminho.pt] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki DIUM.Research/LerNet http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet /twiki/pub/Main/LocalLogos/um_eengP.jpg SummerSchool http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/SummerSchool Project Final Meeting and Summerschool Duration 6 days The budget is for 7 days 5 working days. Dates February 25 March 1, 2007 Location Piriapolis Alternative ... (last changed by JorgeSousaPinto) 2007-05-20T20:19:22Z JorgeSousaPinto WebHome http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/WebHome LerNET Project LerNET (Language Engineering and Rigourous Software Development) is a network of higher education and research institutions in the Area of Computer ... 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(last changed by JoseBacelarAlmeida) 2007-02-12T19:46:11Z JoseBacelarAlmeida FrequentlyAskesQuestions http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/FrequentlyAskesQuestions Frequently Asked Questions What is the ALFA Programme? ALFA is a European programme of co operation between higher education institutions of the European Union and ... (last changed by JoseBacelarAlmeida) 2007-02-12T19:46:11Z JoseBacelarAlmeida HostingConditions http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/HostingConditions Please Download the appropriate document from the table below. UtrechtHostingConditions.doc: (last changed by JoseBacelarAlmeida) 2007-02-12T19:46:11Z JoseBacelarAlmeida PossibleProjects http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/PossibleProjects Utrecht University Presentation Library We feel that Haskell provides a good framework for defining a library for building intercative presentations. You may think ... (last changed by JoseBacelarAlmeida) 2007-02-12T19:46:11Z JoseBacelarAlmeida UniversityPresentations http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/UniversityPresentations Group Links and Related Information Utrecht University Software Technology Group website University of Minho de Inform√°tica and Formal ... (last changed by JoostVisser) 2006-09-19T19:02:10Z JoostVisser PhdProjects http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/PhdProjects The following table contains the !PhD projects of current grant holders. (last changed by PascualJulianIranzo) 2006-06-08T09:55:27Z PascualJulianIranzo ProjectReports http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/ProjectReports JorgeSousaPinto 03 Jun 2006 (last changed by JorgeSousaPinto) 2006-06-03T10:56:13Z JorgeSousaPinto CurrentState2 http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/CurrentState2 Current State of Mobility Actions Minho UPV UCLM INRIA Chalmers Utrecht San Luis Claudia Necco Sonia Flores ... (last changed by JorgeSousaPinto) 2006-06-01T17:21:10Z JorgeSousaPinto MenuTopics http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/MenuTopics Meeting Current State State Before BH ToDo PossibleProjects CVOfCandidates HostingConditions PhdProjects FAQ KickOffMeeting GroupsBackground ContactInformation Good ... (last changed by JorgeSousaPinto) 2006-06-01T17:05:06Z JorgeSousaPinto CurrentState http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/CurrentState Current State of Mobility Actions Minho UPV UCLM INRIA Chalmers Utrecht San Luis Claudia Necco Sonia Flores ... (last changed by JorgeSousaPinto) 2006-05-18T16:25:04Z JorgeSousaPinto SecondMeetingArrivals http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/SecondMeetingArrivals Arrivals at Tancredo Neves airport, unless stated otherwise. May 19 Alberto Pardo, ?? May 20 Gilles Barthe, 9:35 Pascual Julian Iranzo, 23:50 May 21 ... (last changed by JorgeSousaPinto) 2006-05-17T14:23:33Z JorgeSousaPinto FlowCandidatesAndPlan http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Research/LerNet/FlowCandidatesAndPlan 1 Universidad San Luis (ruzal #64;uolsinectis.com.ar) Utrecht Candidates Ana Maria Funes Juan Ignacio Perna Mariano ... (last changed by DoaitseSwierstra) 2005-12-07T16:41:05Z DoaitseSwierstra

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