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  • Castilla - La Mancha University
    • Escuela Superior de Informatica
    • Alarcos Group: Alarcos Research Group mainly investigates how to test the quality of Information Systems, contributing to their improvement and providing solutions for industry. They adopt a methodological and metrical point of view to achieve these goals. Some of its research lines comprise: application of metrics for measuring software quality; design, maintenance and security of Information Systems.
    • DEC-tau Group: The *DEC*larative programming and *AU*tomatic program *T*ransformation (DEC-tau) Research Group was founded having the following aims in mind: to develop formal methods for integrating multi-paradigm declarative languages; optimizing multi-paradigm declarative languages by program transformation; and developing implementation techniques for these languages. Therefore we are interested in both theory and practice of multi-paradigm declarative languages. The aim of multi-paradigm declarative programming is to integrate the best features of several known programming paradigms: Logic programming; Functional programming; and also other paradigms such as parallelism or fuzzy logic.

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