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Current State of Mobility Actions

Minho UPV UCLM INRIA Chalmers Utrecht
San Luis Claudia Necco Sonia Flores Mario Peralta UFMG Minho UCLM
Mario Berón Daniel Romero Julio Dondo      
  Ana Funes        
UCSE Pablo Berdaguer Diego Cheda   Salvador Cavadini   1
UFMG F. Tirelo San Luis   1 1 1
U La República F. Dominguez     1 B. Pérez M. Viera
EAFIT   M. Alba ??? Utrecht Andres Sicard Juan F. Cardona

  • BLUE indicates projects not initially planned
  • RED indicates projects initially foreseen that will not be executed, and will thus be transferred (exchanged by a blue project)
  • 1 indicates a project initially planned and not yet developed
  • GREEN indicates a project currently being analysed / developed
  • Italics indicates students who have started their mobilities

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