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ToDo List

All institutions

  • identify projects and themes
  • identify supervisors, make contact, and make working plans in the next two months
  • discuss short flows (Eu -> LA)

Host universities

  • confirm assigned numbers and origins
  • September 30: host conditions on the web

Home universities

  • confirm assigned numbers and destinations

Formal Problems

  • transfer scholarships to degree-granting institutes (8 grants from EAFIT/Santiago -> Montevideo, Minas Gerais, san Luís)
  • agree on number of grants and where
  • keep transferred institutes involved
  • solve problems with alfa asap


  • should we find other sites?
  • Bolivia partner?
  • fix new flows

Implementing Mobility

  • matches
  • checkpoint 15 july
  • local mobility announcement
  • selection of candidate
  • make a financial plan for each candidate for the complete three years
  • documents

-- DoaitseSwierstra - 15 Jun 2005

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