Foundations and Applications of Software Technology



  • MOMPES 2008 - Model-based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software
  • Interacção 2008 - 3ª Conferência Interacção Pessoa-Máquina
  • XATA 2008 - 6th national conference of XML: Applications and Technologies. Évora, 14,15 February 2008



  • New Project: FAST members participate in EFACEC's InPACT project
  • Co-chair: J. C. Campos was designated co-chair of the programme committee of INTERACÇÃO'08.
  • New Paper: Simulation and Formal Verification of Industrial Systems Controllers
  • New Paper: Formal analysis of interactive systems: opportunities and weaknesses
  • New Paper: Connecting rigorous system analysis to experience centred design


DI » FAST » Software
The DI.FAST group develops and maintains software tools and libraries that support its research and education activities.

name description
Camila VDM meets Functional Programming
2LT Two-level software transformation
CoddFish Strongly-typed relational databases
XsdMetz Structure and usage metrics for XML Schema
SdfMetz Grammar metrics for SDF, BNF, Yacc, and more
MatchO Matching objects without language extension
VooDooM Analysis and transformation of VDM specifications
DrHylo Transformation of functional programs into hylomorphic form
Pointless Support for point-free programming
INblobs Editing and interpretation of Interaction Nets
SimpliFree Transformation of point-free programs
HaLex Model, manipulate and animate regular languages
HaGlr Generalized LR parsing
Lrc Higher-order attribute grammar system
HaSlicer Slicing functional programs
CircLib, HaCirc, OCirc Transformation of cicular programs
Strafunski Strategic functitonal programming
Sdf2Haskell? Functional programming support for language processing

Most of this software is programmed in the functional programming language Haskell. Some tools and libraries are also available as part of the UMinho Haskell Libraries & Tools.

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