Foundations and Applications of Software Technology



  • MOMPES 2008 - Model-based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Software
  • Interacção 2008 - 3ª Conferência Interacção Pessoa-Máquina
  • XATA 2008 - 6th national conference of XML: Applications and Technologies. Évora, 14,15 February 2008



  • New Project: FAST members participate in EFACEC's InPACT project
  • Co-chair: J. C. Campos was designated co-chair of the programme committee of INTERACÇÃO'08.
  • New Paper: Simulation and Formal Verification of Industrial Systems Controllers
  • New Paper: Formal analysis of interactive systems: opportunities and weaknesses
  • New Paper: Connecting rigorous system analysis to experience centred design



A two-level data transformation system. 2LT is a deliverable of the PURe project. Examples of application include XML schema evolution coupled with document migration, and data mappings between VDM abstract models and SQL.


A Generic System for Program Visualization / Animation


A Portuguese talking browser is the final product of this project. The application aims at minimizing the scanning time of a web page thus enabling a talking browser to read a web site at a speed comparable to that of a sighted user.

IVY Workbech

A model based tool for the analysis of interactive systems' designs. The tool acts as a front end to the NuSMV model checker, creating an abstraction layer where models of interactive systems can be developed and analysed. IVY uses a plugin approach enabling for easy integration of new components. Current components include: a text and graphical editor of MAL interactors (the IVY workbench modelling language), a property patterns tool (under development), a compiler from MAL interactors to NuSMV, and a trace visualiser . All components are integrated via IPF (the interactor plugin framework).


An open-source morphological analyzer. Mainly developed for Portuguese, it includes dictionaries for English and Latin. It is being used to create spelling dictionaries of several open-source projects, e.g. aspell, Firefox and Thunderbird dictionaries.


A compiler for a toy language with pedagogical goals.


A Topic Maps Builder (Oveia), Validator (Tche), and Navigator (Ulisses): A XML generic platform for TM specification (syntax+semantics), construction (enabling data extraction from heterogenous information resources), validation (according to a constraint spec), storage (XTM-format or Database), and navigation (conceptual browsing).


An open-source workbench for parallel corpora processing. Among other tools, this includes a sentence aligner and a Probabilistic Translation Dictionary extractor, plus a word aligner.


An heterogeneous Information System (based on a generic framework, FDase) to support the study of Demographic Evolution.


A web-based Information System to support the Prosopographic study of portuguese medieval priests, in the context of the "Fasti Ecclesiae Portugaliae".

UMinho Haskell Libraries

The UMinho Haskell Libraries are located in the libraries subdirectory. The modules included in the libraries cover a wide range of functionality, for instance: representation and operations on relations and graphs; analysis and manipulation of spreadsheets and Java programs; support for pointfree programming; support for VDM like concepts (such as data type invariants, pre and post-conditions).

UMinho Haskell Tools

Several tools are included in the UMS distributions, among which: DrHylo (Derives hylomorphisms from restricted Haskell syntax), ChopaChops (Graph slicing and chopping), HaGLR (Generalized LR parsing), SdfMetz (An SDF monitoring tool), Camila (Prototype Camila interpreter), VooDooM (Transforms VDM datatypes to a relational representation).


A system aimed at program comprehension on the web.

XTDL Tool Set

XTDL: XTDL - XML Tool Definition Language & XTS - XTDL Tool Set.

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