Program Understanding and Re-engineering: Calculi and Applications




Sep 18 Paper Towards a Coordination Model for Interactive Systems by MarcoAntonioBarbosa, JoseCampos and LuisSoaresBarbosa has been accepted for FMIS'06 (Macau).

July 3 Paper Configurations of Web Services by MarcoAntonioBarbosa and LuisSoaresBarbosa has been accepted for FOCLASA'06 (Bonn, Germany).

July 3 Paper Strong Types for Relational Databases by Alexandra Silva and JoostVisser has been accepted for the Haskell Workshop 2006 (Portland, USA).

June 16 Paper Strongly Typed Rewriting For Coupled Software Transformation (by AlcinoCunha and JoostVisser) accepted by RULE 2006 (Seattle, USA).

May, 26 Paper Transposing Partial Coalgebras (by LuisSoaresBarbosa and JoseNunoOliveira) accepted for publication in TCS, Elsevier.

May, 11 Papers Type-safe two-level data transformation (by AlcinoCunha, JoseNunoOliveira and JoostVisser) and Pointfree factorization of operation refinement (by JoseNunoOliveira and Cesar Rodrigues) have been accepted by FM'06 (Canada).

May, 8 A paper entitled An Orchestrator for Dynamic Interconnection of Software Components, by MarcoAntonioBarbosa and LuisSoaresBarbosa, accepted at MTCoord'06 (Bologna).



The XsdMetz tool computes metrics for XML schemas.


XsdMetz was developed to support the structure metrics defined in the following publication:

  • Joost Visser, Structure Metrics for XML Schema, XATA 2006. pdf

Later, support for other metrics has been added to XsdMetz, based on the metric definitions in:

  • Ralf Lämmel, Stan Kitsis, and Dave Remy, Analysis of XML Schema Usage, abstract and pdf

Information on the usage of XsdMetz is obtained by running XsdMetz -h at the command line.


XsdMetz is a sub-library of the UMinho Haskell Libraries. A stand-alone release is in preparation.


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