Program Understanding and Re-engineering: Calculi and Applications




Sep 18 Paper Towards a Coordination Model for Interactive Systems by MarcoAntonioBarbosa, JoseCampos and LuisSoaresBarbosa has been accepted for FMIS'06 (Macau).

July 3 Paper Configurations of Web Services by MarcoAntonioBarbosa and LuisSoaresBarbosa has been accepted for FOCLASA'06 (Bonn, Germany).

July 3 Paper Strong Types for Relational Databases by Alexandra Silva and JoostVisser has been accepted for the Haskell Workshop 2006 (Portland, USA).

June 16 Paper Strongly Typed Rewriting For Coupled Software Transformation (by AlcinoCunha and JoostVisser) accepted by RULE 2006 (Seattle, USA).

May, 26 Paper Transposing Partial Coalgebras (by LuisSoaresBarbosa and JoseNunoOliveira) accepted for publication in TCS, Elsevier.

May, 11 Papers Type-safe two-level data transformation (by AlcinoCunha, JoseNunoOliveira and JoostVisser) and Pointfree factorization of operation refinement (by JoseNunoOliveira and Cesar Rodrigues) have been accepted by FM'06 (Canada).

May, 8 A paper entitled An Orchestrator for Dynamic Interconnection of Software Components, by MarcoAntonioBarbosa and LuisSoaresBarbosa, accepted at MTCoord'06 (Bologna).


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News archive

2006 (until March)

March, 25 The lambda-coinduction by calculation stuff was presented today in Wien by AlexandraSilva as a short communication to CMCS'06.

March, 24 A paper on Slicing by Calculation (NunoRodrigues and LuisSoaresBarbosa) and another one on Generic Process Algebra (Paula Ribeiro, MarcoAntonioBarbosa and LuisSoaresBarbosa) accepted for SBLP'06 (acceptance rate: 35%).

March, 20 Research.PURe Year 2 Progress Report was released. Once again the project performance was very good: 4 journal papers (1 was expected), 9 conference papers (5 expected), 1PhD thesis and 2 MSc dissertations.

March, 9 A technical report by Alcino Cunha, José Nuno Oliveira, and Personal.Joost Visser entitled Type-safe Two-level Data Transformation is available here.

Jan, 23 A paper by Personal.Joost Visser entitled Structure Metrics for XML Schema will be presented at XATA2006.

Jan, 6 The paper by by AlcinoCunha, JorgeSousaPinto, and JoseProenca presented in September at the IFL'05 Workshop has been accepted for publication in the Revised Papers (Springer LNCS).


Dec, 9 A paper by Miguel Cruz, LuisSoaresBarbosa and JoseNunoOliveira, entitled From Algebras to Objects: Generation and Composition was published today in the Journal of Universal Computer Science (vol 11 (10)).

Dec, 3 A paper by Personal.Joost Visser entitled Matching Objects without Language Extension was accepted for publication in the Journal of Object Technology.

Nov, 14 NunoRodrigues participated in the Schloss Dagstuhl Seminar 05451 on "Beyond Program Slicing", presenting a paper on "Calculating Functional Slices". His group received the Best Presentation Award.

Sep, 19 Paper accepted at FACS'05 on Component Identification Through Program Slicing (by NunoRodrigues and LuisSoaresBarbosa).

August 15 II Research.PURe Workshop scheduled for 11-12 October, 2005. Invited speaker: Jeremy Gibbons (Oxford)

July 20 Paper accepted at ICTAC 2005 on Refinement of Software Architectures (by Sun Meng, LuisSoaresBarbosa and Zhang Naixiao).

April 9 Paper accepted at FM 2005 on VooDooM (by TiagoAlves, PauloSilva, JoseNunoOliveira, and JoostVisser).

April 5 The first distribution of the UMinho Haskell Software was released.

Mar 21 The PUReCafe slot will open each Tuesday on 12:00 (was 11:00).

Jan 17 Good News: The expected number of publications in the original Research.PURe proposal for the fisrt year has been largely surpassed (5 expected vs 11 published + more 5 accepted). More details on the project performance can be read on the Y1 Progress Report.


Sep 27 Various tools from PUReSoftware are now available online.

Sep 26 The PUReCafe slot was moved to Tuesday's between 11:00 and 13:00.

Sep 20 The EVENTS topic was updated with information on the workshop. Authors: please upload your slides!

Sep 7 2nd Announcement and Programme: First Project Workshop, 13-14 September 2004

Aug 25 Research.PURe paper accepted at ICTAC2004 on coalgebraic models for software connectors (by MarcoAntonioBarbosa and LuisSoaresBarbosa).

July 26 Call for Participation: First Project Workshop, 13-14 September 2004

June 17 Matthijs Kuiper, main developer of the LRC attribute grammar system, will be visiting the department in the week of June 21-25.

June 4 Another date for all Research.PURe people: First Project Workshop scheduled for 13-14 September. Alberto Pardo (Uruguay) is an invited speaker.

June 4 First Research.PURe Seminar on Algebras of Program Construction by R. Backhouse, 21-22 June

June 3 Research.PURe paper accepted at CTCS2004 on the semantics of UML components (by LuisSoaresBarbosa, Sun Meng, B. Aichernig and Zhang Naixiao).

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