Web References

Flash File System

  • (pdf) Intel Flash File System Core Reference Guide (Version 1)

POSIX File Store (GC)

  • (pdf) Morgan and Sufrin's paper on the Unix filing system. (Z)
  • (pdf) POSIX file store in Z/Eves: an experiment in the verified software repository
  • (ppt) Formal Modeling and Analysis of a Flash Filesystem in Alloy.
  • (pdf) Verifiable POSIX file store, technical report. (VDM)
  • (pdf) Open Nand Flash Interface, technical report. (VDM)

Formal Methods Projects and Tools

Conferences and Workshops



News Flash

  • Refresh at public area projet information MiguelFerreira - 8 Mar 2008

  • Added the first files for the Intel Flash File System Core specification

  • Added new references on the flash memory subject MiguelFerreira - 6 Dez 2007

  • Added POSIX extracts of some system interfaces (open, mkdir, opendir, close, closedir, rmdir, unlink) MiguelFerreira - 30 Nov 2007

  • Added alloy library and updated bib file SamuelSilva - 19 Nov 2007

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