An Infrastructure for Certification and Re-engineering of Open Source Software






17 Nov 12 2nd CROSS Workshop

23 Jun 11 1st CROSS Workshop

22 Jun 10 First paper published! (The GUISurfer tool: ...)

24 Feb 10 Kick-Off Meeting

6 Oct 09 CROSS website launched


TreeCycle: a Sonar plugin for design quality assessment of Java programs (version 1.0) (version 1.2)

GUISurfer: A Reverse engineering tool for GUI code (Java/Swing, Java/GWT, WxHaskell)

GamaSlicer: the heart of Gama Project, a VCGen, a Slicer, and a Visualizer for Annotated Programs developed under DbC approach

GamaPolarSlicer: a Java+JML annotated-source code slicer and analyzer to check the preservation of contracts when methods are called (version 1)

Darius: an environment for Comment Analysis and Concept Location

BPa2aQRp: a simple web application capable of certifying the quality of Rails projects based on the Best Practices followed

DMOSS: (under development) a toolkit for gathering information about software packages from documentation files

CoordPat: a tool for extracting coordination data from legacy code

???: a tool for assessing quality of aspect MATLAB programs

gBMC: a generic Bounded Model Checking tool for a simple imperative language.

Web 3D Service, available from GitHub: git://

Android based Virtual Globe, available from BitBucket

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