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ChopaChops: view and manipulate Java program graphs

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Student: Patrick Machado

In this project you will develop an interactive tool to view and manipulate various kinds of graphical representations of Java programs. Your starting point is an initial version of the tool (called ChopaChops) that can already:

  • a. parse Java
  • b. derive inheritance, import, and nesting relations
  • c. display these relations in a graph
  • d. perform slicing and chopping on this graph
Starting from this basis, you can make improvements such as:
  • e. derive data flow and control flow relations
  • f. compute some graph-based program metrics
  • g. support more graph manipulations
  • h. improve the interactive interface

You will be using and extending functionality offered by the UMinho Haskell Libraries to accomplish these tasks.

Paper Presentation

Project Report


-- PatrickMachado? - 15 Dec 2004

Recomended Literature

  1. A Survey of Program Slicing Techniques, Frank Tip, 1994
  2. The Use of Program Dependence Graphs in Software Engineering, Susan Horwits and Thomas Reps, 1992
  3. Graph Theoretic Foundations of Program Slicing and Integration, Arun Lakhotia, 1993

-- JoaoSaraiva - 27 Oct 2004

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