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Feb. 17, 2004

May 14, 2004 is the deadline for submission to CoLogNet / Formal Methods Europe Symposium on Teaching Formal Methods 2004

Feb 6, 2004

Students interested in the Overture Project please contact to JNO. (NB: the Overture Modelling Language has great resemblance with VDM++)

Jan 31, 2004

Novas propostas para estágios curriculares em EstagiosProfisionais

January 29, 2004

Invitation to Wiki.

January 21, 2004

We have a new Wiki server for educational purposes!

Welcome to our Education.Archive Wiki!

This Wiki is maintained by the LMF research group.

If you need help using the Wiki goto the TWiki Web. If you want to contribute please register here (this is the case, for instance, for students who have been invited to maintain the pages of a course).

To navigate this Wiki use the links in the side bar.

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