What Mathematics for the Information Society?





  • Matisse Meeting, January


21 Sep Paper accepted at TFM'09: Which Mathematics for the Information Society?

-- HugoMacedo - 20 Nov 2009

[1] Towards "middle school MPC", by J.N. Oliveira. Talk at IFIP WG 2.1 #64 Meeting, Weltenburg Abbey, Bavaria, Germany. (slides)

[2] "Reconhecimento de Manuscrita Matemática (v1.0 O Estado da Arte)"

[3] Paulo F. Silva, Joost Visser, and José N. Oliveira, Galois: A Language for Proofs Using Galois Connections and Fork Algebras. PLMMS'09: The ACM SIGSAM 2009 International Workshop on Programming Languages for Mechanized Mathematics Systems, Munich, Germany, 2009. To appear. (Draft) (Slides) (Pre-proceedings)

-- HugoMacedo - 20 Nov 2009

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