Foundations for architectural design: Service certification, dynamic reconfiguration and self-adaptability




Project Workshops


tinynew.gif 11 August 11 Paper accepted at FACS'11: A. Sanchez, L. S. Barbosa and D. Riesco. Bigraphical Modelling of Architectural Patterns

tinynew.gif 8 August 11 Paper accepted at EI2N'11: N. Rodrigues, N. Oliveira and L. S. Barbosa. The role of coordination analysis in software integration projects

tinynew.gif 19 June 11 Paper accepted at SEFM'11: A. Madeira, J. M. Faria, M. A. Martins and L. S. Barbosa. Hybrid specification of reactive systems: An institutional approach

27 April 11 Paper accepted at Refine'11: C. J. Rodrigues, M. A. Martins, A. Madeira and L. Barbosa. Refinement by interpretation in Pi-institutions

21 April 11 Paper accepted at CALCO'11: M. A. Martins, A. Madeira, R. Diaconescu and L. Barbosa. Hybridization of Institutions

21 April 11 Paper accepted at CALCO-Tools: A. Martins, L. Barbosa, N. F. Rodrigues. SHACC: A functional animator for a component calculus

New *journal paper: D. Hofmann and P. Waszkiewicz. Approximation in quantale-enriched categoriess, TA 158 (8), 2011.

12 Mar 11 Paper accepted at CiE'11: A. Madeira, M.A. Martins and L. S. Barbosa. Models as arrows: the role of dialgebras

10 Mar 11 Paper accepted at CBSEC'11: A. Madeira, J. M. Faria, M. A. Martins, L. S. Barbosa. On requirements engineering for reactive systems: A formal methodology

New journal paper: D. Hofmann and I. Stubbe. Towards Stone duality for topological theories, TA 158 (7), 2011.

25 Feb 11 Paper accepted at TICTTL'11: M.A. Martins, A. Madeira and L. S. Barbosa. Reasoning about complex requirements in a uniform setting

1 Feb 11 Paper accepted at RAMiCS 12: Mu, Shin Cheng and J.N. Oliveira. Programming from Galois Connections

New journal paper: N. F. Rodrigues and L. S. Barbosa. Slicing for Architectural Analysis, SCP 75 (10), 2010.

Research Team


  • Alejandro Sanchez (PhD Student at UNSL, on architectural patterns)
  • André Martins (MSc Student, on An animator for a calculus of QoS-aware software components)

Consultants and Project visitors

  • Rolf Hennicker (LMU, Munich): visit in September 2010
  • Donald Sannella (Edinburgh University)
  • Razvan Diaconescu (Institute of Mathematics, Romania): visit in July 2010
  • Farhad Arbab (Leiden University and CWI, NL)
  • Joost Visser (SIG, NL)
  • Dirk Pattinson (Imperial College, UK): visit in July 2010
  • George Voutsadakis (Lake Superior State University, USA): visit in May 2011

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