Foundations for architectural design: Service certification, dynamic reconfiguration and self-adaptability




Project Workshops


tinynew.gif 11 August 11 Paper accepted at FACS'11: A. Sanchez, L. S. Barbosa and D. Riesco. Bigraphical Modelling of Architectural Patterns

tinynew.gif 8 August 11 Paper accepted at EI2N'11: N. Rodrigues, N. Oliveira and L. S. Barbosa. The role of coordination analysis in software integration projects

tinynew.gif 19 June 11 Paper accepted at SEFM'11: A. Madeira, J. M. Faria, M. A. Martins and L. S. Barbosa. Hybrid specification of reactive systems: An institutional approach

27 April 11 Paper accepted at Refine'11: C. J. Rodrigues, M. A. Martins, A. Madeira and L. Barbosa. Refinement by interpretation in Pi-institutions

21 April 11 Paper accepted at CALCO'11: M. A. Martins, A. Madeira, R. Diaconescu and L. Barbosa. Hybridization of Institutions

21 April 11 Paper accepted at CALCO-Tools: A. Martins, L. Barbosa, N. F. Rodrigues. SHACC: A functional animator for a component calculus

New *journal paper: D. Hofmann and P. Waszkiewicz. Approximation in quantale-enriched categoriess, TA 158 (8), 2011.

12 Mar 11 Paper accepted at CiE'11: A. Madeira, M.A. Martins and L. S. Barbosa. Models as arrows: the role of dialgebras

10 Mar 11 Paper accepted at CBSEC'11: A. Madeira, J. M. Faria, M. A. Martins, L. S. Barbosa. On requirements engineering for reactive systems: A formal methodology

New journal paper: D. Hofmann and I. Stubbe. Towards Stone duality for topological theories, TA 158 (7), 2011.

25 Feb 11 Paper accepted at TICTTL'11: M.A. Martins, A. Madeira and L. S. Barbosa. Reasoning about complex requirements in a uniform setting

1 Feb 11 Paper accepted at RAMiCS 12: Mu, Shin Cheng and J.N. Oliveira. Programming from Galois Connections

New journal paper: N. F. Rodrigues and L. S. Barbosa. Slicing for Architectural Analysis, SCP 75 (10), 2010.

2nd MONDRIAN Workshop: 9-10 May, 2011

This 2nd Research Workshop intends to bring together researchers in mathematical foundations for specification and verification of software systems and their application to the development of models and calculi for interaction, composition and coordination of software components and services. It is expected the workshop will promote a deep understanding of these topics and their interplay, discussing ongoing work, raising new research questions and fostering further collaboration.

Call for Participation (download)


Monday, 9th May

  • Seminar on Protoalgebraic Pi-institutions, G. Voutsadakis (Lake Superior State University)
  • Project Talks (tba)

Monday, 10th May

  • Project Talks (tba)

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