GTTSE 2007

Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering

Summer school chairs

  • Ralf Lämmel (Tutorials Chair), Microsoft Corporation, USA.
  • João Saraiva (Organizing Chair), Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal.
  • Joost Visser (Tutorials Chair), Software Improvement Group, The Netherlands.

Organizing committee

Scientific committee

About the program and organizing chairs

Ralf Lämmel is affiliated with Microsoft Corp. He serves on a research and development position with focus on XML technologies. In the years 2001-2004, Ralf Lämmel served on a permanent faculty position, at the Free University of Amsterdam, in the Software Engineering department, and he was also affiliated with the Dutch Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) - starting in 1999. Ralf Lämmel received his PhD in computer science from the University of Rostock (Germany, 1999). His research interests include program transformation, programming languages, generic language technology, grammarware engineering, and automated software engineering.

João Saraiva is an Auxiliar Professor of Computer Science at University of Minho. His research is focused on programming language design and implementation, and functional programming. João finished a PhD program at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, in December 1999 where he worked on purely functional implementation of attribute grammars. During his PhD and now as part of his academic activities (both research and teaching) his work has been concerned with the Lrc system: a generator of purely functional and incremental language-oriented tools. He has been involved in the organization of various international events, including the organization of the international summer schools on Advanced Functional Programming AFP'98, the international summer school on Applied Semantics APPSEM'00, and more recently ETAPS'07.

Joost Visser is R&D lead at the Software Improvement Group, The Netherlands. Joost carried out his PhD research at the CWI in Amsterdam on the topic of generic traversal over typed source code representations. He is co-designer and co-developer of Haskell-based and Java-based tools for language processing and strategic programming. As post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minho, Portugal, Joost has contributed to the PURe project on the use of formal methods for reverse engineering, and to the 2LT project on coupled software transformation. As former senior architect and consultant, also at the Software Improvement Group, he has worked on tool-based analysis of large legacy software systems.

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