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Strategic Querying of XML Documents

Student: VitorRodrigues?

In this project you will develop a set of combinators for querying XML documents expressed in the strafunski library. In particular we would like to embed the HaQuery language - devoled in the DI/UM - as a set of strafunski library. As a result, we will be able to define queries directly in Haskell/Strafunski whithout having to define/update a language processor for HaQuery as done before.
The Strafunski library already provides support for:

  • a. Parse/Unparse XML documents via the HaXml library
  • b. A set of basic combinators to express traversal functions over any data type
  • c. A prototype implementation of HaQuery and a library of Query combinators (defined by a group of AFP students last year).

You will express the existant HaQuery combinators directly in Strafunski.

  • The first step will be to express the HaXml cmbinators in Strafusnki, using the HaQuery combinators to generate the query tree.
  • The second step is to express the HaQuery combinators, directly with Strafunski, avoind the unnecessary creation of the query tree structure.

Recomended Literature

  1. XQuery: a typed functional language for querying XML, Philip Wadler, 2002
  2. A Strafunski Application Letter, Joost Visser and Ralf Laemmel, 2003 This paper presents the Strafunski libraries, and explains how it works, presenting some examples of Strafunski utilization, namely, in Haskell to Cobol reverse engineering, Java code metrics and Haskell re-engineering.
  3. The XQuery Formal Semantics: A Foundation for Implementation and Optimisation, Byron Choi, Mary Fernandez and Jrme Simon, 2002

Project Report: StrategicQueryingXMLReport

Download Project Source (See README for instructions.)


-- JoaoSaraiva - 27 Oct 2004

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