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SpreadSheet under Scrutiny

Student: Cupertino Miranda

In this project you will develop a tool for spreadsheet assessment. Spreadsheet tools can be viewed as programming environments for non-programmers. Their language of cell references and formulas offers only low-level expressiveness compared to regular programming languages. Still, huge numbers of large and often complex spreadsheets are created and maintained every day in all companies around the world. You will apply program understanding techniques to uncover the secrets of spreadsheets, and their potential flaws.
The UMinho Haskell Libraries already provide support for:

  • a. reading and parsing spreadsheets
  • b. analyzing the data flow in a spreadsheet
  • c. program understanding algorithms, such as slicing,formal concept analysis, and type reconstruction.

You will combine and extend this functionality into a tool that provides insight into spreadsheets beyond Excel's capabilities.


Presentation from Cupertino Miranda about following papers:

  1. Header and Unit Inference for Spreadsheets Through Spatial Analyses, Robin Abraham and Martin Erwig. 2004
  2. A User-Centred Approach to Functions in Excel, Simon Peyton-Jones, Alan Blackwell and Margaret Burnett, 2003
  3. Slicing Spreadsheets: An Integrated Methodology for Spreadsheet Testing and Debugging, James Reichwein, Gregg Rothermel, Margaret Burnett, 1999

Final Presentation about Cupertino Miranda AFP Project:

-- CupertinoMiranda - 15 Dec 2004


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