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  • New Paper: J.N. Oliveira. Weighted automata as coalgebras in categories of matrices. IJFCS Vol. 24, No. 6 (2013) 709–728, WSP Company. DOI: 10.1142/S0129054113400145
  • New Paper: H.D. Macedo and J.N. Oliveira. Typing Linear Algebra: a Biproduct-oriented Approach. SCP 78:11, pp.2160-2191 (DOI 10.1016/j.scico.2012.07.012)
  • New Paper: J.C. Campos and J. Machado, A Specification Patterns System for Discrete Event Systems Analysis, Int. J. Adv. Robotic Systems, vol. 10, 2013, doi:110.5772/56412
  • Job Opportunities: We are opening five post-doctoral positions. tinynew.gif Details here
  • New Paper: José N. Oliveira, Miguel A. Ferreira, "Alloy Meets the Algebra of Programming: A Case Study," IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol. 39, no. 3, pp. 305-326, March 2013, doi:10.1109/TSE.2012.15


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A two-level data transformation system. 2LT is a deliverable of the PURe project. Examples of application include XML schema evolution coupled with document migration, and data mappings between VDM abstract models and SQL.


A Portuguese talking browser is the final product of this project. The application aims at minimizing the scanning time of a web page thus enabling a talking browser to read a web site at a speed comparable to that of a sighted user.

IVY Workbech

A model based tool for the analysis of interactive systems' designs. The tool acts as a front end to the NuSMV model checker, creating an abstraction layer where models of interactive systems can be developed and analysed. IVY uses a plugin approach enabling for easy integration of new components. Current components include: a text and graphical editor of MAL interactors (the IVY workbench modelling language), a property patterns tool (under development), a compiler from MAL interactors to NuSMV, and a trace visualiser . All components are integrated via IPF (the interactor plugin framework).

UMinho Haskell Libraries

The UMinho Haskell Libraries are located in the libraries subdirectory. The modules included in the libraries cover a wide range of functionality, for instance: representation and operations on relations and graphs; analysis and manipulation of spreadsheets and Java programs; support for pointfree programming; support for VDM like concepts (such as data type invariants, pre and post-conditions).

UMinho Haskell Tools

Several tools are included in the UMS distributions, among which: DrHylo (Derives hylomorphisms from restricted Haskell syntax), ChopaChops (Graph slicing and chopping), HaGLR (Generalized LR parsing), SdfMetz (An SDF monitoring tool), Camila (Prototype Camila interpreter), VooDooM (Transforms VDM datatypes to a relational representation).

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