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PhD Programmes

PhD Programmes (3rd Cycle)

In 2007-2008 the Department of Informatics joined the MAP Doctoral Programmes, a joint venture of three top Portuguese Universities: Minho, Aveiro and Porto. The Department of Informatics and the city of Braga, will host the first year of the Doctoral Program in Computer Science (MAP-i).

Currently, only two MAP Doctoral Programmes are available, both in scientific areas of our department and both actively supported by our staff:

In each scientific area such Doctoral Programmes represent a pioneer initiative and a strategic commitment to knowledge, to face highly complex scientific and technological challenges, and prepare the indispensable highly qualified human resources.

MAP Programmes target both national and international audiences and are designed for excellence and competitiveness at the international level. They aim to prepare selected students for leadership in research and development careers in industry, academia and independent entrepreneurial initiatives.