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MSc in Informatics @ University of Minho

The purpose of graduate courses is to give professional or basic research skills in the spirit of the Bologna declaration. They are therefore designed to attract

  • students that have recently obtained a bachelor degree in Computer Science (or other IT related subject) and wish to conclude their studies with the indispensable applied skills
  • IT professionals that wish to either update their skills in a particular emerging area or to acquire skills in a different professional activity within IT.

Graduate courses in Informatics are part of a global and coherent offer which includes programs at the 3 levels of University studies (Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral).

Aware of the heterogeneity of students' motivations, as well as of the challenges that society keeps putting upon the University, this set of courses brings together the scientific coherence with the freedom to build almost personalised curricula.
All the available programs are built over a set of Specialisation Courses (UCE) each of which corresponds to a coherent applicational focus. These programs are thus organised as