Academic Degree


  • Profesor Adjunto Efectivo. Departamento de Informática, U.N.S.L, San Luis, Argentina


  • PROYECTO P-319002- Decisión Artificial, Uso de Autómatas en Problemas de Decisión. - I.M.A.S.L.
  • LerNet Alfa project.
  • 2LT: Two-level transformations and coupled transformations.
  • Past projects
    • PROYECTO CYT-8403- Herramientas Inteligentes para Administración y Control de Recursos en Sistemas Distribuidos (.U.N.S.L)


I am working toward my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at Department of Informatics of the Universidad Nacional de San Luis (U.N.S.L), in San Luis, Argentina. The thesis is about Pointfree Calculations (Draft of thesis plan) and it is developed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. José Nuno Oliveira of the U. de Minho and also of Prof. Dr. Roberto Uzal of the U.N.S.L in the framework of the LerNet Alfa Project.

Interest Areas

  • Formal Methods
  • Mathematics of Program Construction
  • Functional Programming
  • Refinement Calculi
  • Calculus of Relations
  • Category Theory

Contact Information

  • From 9/2008 to 2/2009
    • Gab: 1.06
    • Address: Departamento de Informática, Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga, Portugal.

  • From 3/2009
    • Gab: Area Prog. y Met. Desarrollo de Software
    • Address: Departamento de Informática, Universidad de San Luis Ejército de los Andes 950, San Luis, Argentina.

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