Heterogeneous software coordination: Foundations, methods, tools.

Heterogeneous software coordination: Foundations, methods, tools.

This project proposes to study software composition in the context of the coordination paradigm in which the interactions between different, often loosely coupled software entities is mediated (and orchestrated) through a specific layer. This allows components and services to be developed independently of each other, and to describe orthogonally their composition via a high-level and expressive model.

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Project info

Supported by FCT under contract FCOMP-01-0124-FEDER-028923 (96 KEuro)
Start Date 1st July 2013
Duration 3 years
Hosted by HASLab - INESC TEC, Informatics @ Minho University
  CIDMA, Maths @ Aveiro University
Coordination Luís Soares Barbosa (
Telefone +351 253604463 (direct) or +351 253604430
Fax +351 253604471

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