Foundations, Applications and Tools for Bidirectional Transformation


Dez 23

New papers accepted for publication at PEPM'14 and FASE'14.

Aug 26

Tool demo accepted for publication at ASE'13: Nuno Macedo, Tiago Guimarães, and Alcino Cunha, Model Repair and Transformation with Echo.

Mar 18

Our FASE'13 paper on Implementing QVT-R Bidirectional Model Transformations using Alloy is one of the nominated for best paper at ETAPS.

Feb 1

Paper accepted for publication at BX'13: N. Macedo, H. Pacheco, A. Cunha, and J. N. Oliveira: Composing Least-change Lenses.

Dec 21

Two new students have joined the project team as BI grant holders. Nuno Sousa will be working on bidirectionalizing spreadsheet formulas, and Tiago Guimarães will help in the implementation of a QVT-R bidirectional transformation tool.

Dec 18

Paper accepted for publication at FASE'13: N. Macedo and A. Cunha: Implementing QVT-R Bidirectional Model Transformations using Alloy.

Oct 10

Two 6 month grants available to work on bidirectional transformations!

Jun 16

Paper accepted for publication at RAMICS'12: N. Macedo, H. Pacheco and A. Cunha: Relations as executable specifications: taming partiality and non-determinism using invariants.

Jun 1

Paper accepted for publication at the post-proceedings of BX'12: H. Pacheco, A. Cunha and Z. Hu. Delta Lenses over Inductive Types.

Old News

Foundations, Applications and Tools for Bidirectional Transformation

This project aims to propose effective bidirectional transformation (BT) frameworks for three relevant application domains: model-driven engineering, spreadsheet validation and transformation, and language-based editors defined with attribute grammars. Common to these application domains is the fact that models cannot be captured by pure hierarchical (tree-like) data structures. Although effective BT frameworks have been proposed to handle hierarchical models, no generic and effective framework has yet been proposed for non-hierarchical ones. We intend to do so by relying on the point-free relational calculus, a quantifier free formalization of first-order logic, popularized in the algebra of programming community. This calculus deals naturally with non-determinism and partiality, two key issues in the formalization of BTs. It is also amenable to calculation thanks to its purely equational reasoning style, which opens interesting opportunities for BT optimization.

Project info

Supported by This work is funded by the ERDF through the programme COMPETE and by the Portuguese Government through FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology), project reference FCOMP-01-0124-FEDER-020532
Budget EUR 73.200,00
Start Date 1st March 2012
Duration 2 years
Hosted by HASLab, INESC TEC and University of Minho
Team fatbit@di.uminho.pt
Coordination Manuel Alcino Cunha (alcino@di.uminho.pt)
Telefone +351 253604444 (direct) or +351 253604430
Fax +351 253604471

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