Evolutionary Verification, Validation and Certification

Evolutionary Verification, Validation and Certification

EVOLVE project has as main goal the production of a framework of methodologies to be used in the verification and validation of evolutionary software products in early development stages (requirements and architecture). This will be achieved through the accreditation/certification of each iteration integration and/or component in the context of Model Driven Engineering (MDE).

The methodology to be defined in EVOLVE project will be iterative and incremental, with the possibility to be adapted to agile development and model oriented, in order to foment the reuse of accredited/certified components. The target domain of this project are the real time embedded systems which may (or may not) have certification and accreditation requirements (demands), internal and external. The functional and non-functional properties (performance, error handling, etc.) will also be focus of this study, from the architectural requirements assessment to the final acceptance of the design by the customer.

Project info

Supported by QREN, project 1621 (CCTC, 60 KEuro)
Start Date June 2008
Duration 3 years
Participants CCTC, Critical Software
Local Coordination Manuel Alcino Cunha (alcino@di.uminho.pt)
Telefone +351 253604430
Fax +351 253604471

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