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TWiki's Personal/Joao web http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao The Personal/Joao web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [webmaster@di.uminho.pt] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki DIUM.Personal/Joao http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao /twiki/pub/Main/LocalLogos/um_eengP.jpg WebSideBar http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/WebSideBar (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2012-10-14T18:46:41Z JoaoFernandes WebHome http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/WebHome Name: João Paulo Fernandes Email: jpaulo AT di DOT uminho DOT pt Address: Departamento de Informática, ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2012-10-14T18:42:05Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoTalks http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoTalks I have: coordinated the Software Technologies and Software Languages Summer School (working group on data driven technological spaces, with a contributed http ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2012-09-24T14:02:50Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoActivities http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoActivities Activities: I have served/will serve: in the Program Comittee for the following conferences: 22nd ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2012-09-20T09:39:18Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoPublications http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoPublications Publications 2012 and Implementation of ClassSheet Models , Jácome Cunha, João Paulo Fernandes, Jorge Mendes, João Saraiva. In the Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2012-09-20T09:24:38Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoSupervision http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoSupervision Supervision: Together with Saraiva I co supervise the PhD program of Msc. Martins with title Zippers based embedding of Attribute Grammars . (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2012-09-10T20:47:10Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoProjects http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoProjects Research Projects: Foundations, Applications and Tools for Bidirectional Transformations, FCT funded, 2011 ... Bidirectional Transformations Applied to Programming ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2012-06-21T11:20:21Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoAwards http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoAwards Awards and Distinctions 99/00 , 00/01 , 01/02 , 02/03 University of Minho 's Scholar Merit Award Awarded by the University of Minho to students that ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2011-09-22T13:31:05Z JoaoFernandes MenuTopics http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/MenuTopics http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/wiki/bin/view/PURe/WebHome PURe project Publications Projects Tools Awards and Distinctions (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2010-12-10T15:24:07Z JoaoFernandes Point http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/Point (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2009-12-16T20:27:01Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoHaCirc http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoHaCirc The HaCirc tool HaCirc is an Haskell refactor. It refactors circular programs into its strict counterpart. The tool accepts, as input, Haskell circular programs ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2009-09-02T17:38:34Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoOCirc http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoOCirc The OCirc tool The OCirc tool is a tool that allows OCaml programmers to express their multiple traversal programs as circular programs. This tool transforms circular ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2009-02-19T11:45:07Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoOthers http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoOthers Other Interests As for recreation, my main sport hobbies are: indoor soccer waterpolo jogging swimming As for cultural enhancement, I just wish ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2008-12-18T16:10:31Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoHaGLR http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoHaGLR The HaGLR tool During my degree internship I was to study, among other things, Parser techniques and algorithms. Under this goal, we (me and my internship supervisor ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2008-12-05T11:57:07Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoTools http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoTools HaGLR A Haskell based Generalized LR Parser Generator and Grammar Interpreter HaCirc Strictification and Slicing of lazy Circular Haskell Programs OCirc ... (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2008-12-05T11:56:02Z JoaoFernandes --TwikiJoaoTemp http://wiki.di.uminho.pt/twiki/bin/view/Personal/Joao/--TwikiJoaoTemp JoaoFernandes 25 Sep 2008 JoaoFernandesCV.pdf: Curriculum Vitae proposal.pdf: PosDocProposal (last changed by JoaoFernandes) 2008-09-25T17:58:10Z JoaoFernandes

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