• Name: António Miguel Cruz
  • Email: miguel.cruz at estg.ipvc.pt


  • MSc in Informatics (U. Minho) in Nov 2004.
  • Graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science (U. Minho) in Dec 1993.

Professional Curriculum

  • Assistant professor at ESTG - IPVC since September 2005.
  • Analyst/Consultant at Sidereus, SA from March 2001 until September 2005.
  • Analyst/Consultant at Edinfor, SA from Feb 1994 until March 2001.
  • Junior researcher at INESC from March 1993 until Jan 1994.

Interest Areas

  • Formal Methods in Industry
  • Program Transformation
  • Program Calculi
  • Software Process based on formal methods or semi-formal methodologies with a formal foundation
  • VDM/VDM++
  • UML and OCL
  • Microsoft .Net technology
  • Data Migration and ETL tools with a formal basis

Main Projects

  • Objectification of Formal Specifications - MSc Thesis - PURe Project (Program Understanding and Reengineering: Calculi and Applications).
  • KMig - Data Migration Tool fully specified in VDM++ at Sidereus, S.A.
  • CRM - Customers Relationship Management - Application partially formally specified in VDM++, being the Datatypes fully specified. Developement in C# for web environments over MS SQL/Server databases.
  • IKF Project (Information and Knowledge Fusion)
  • SGCCE - Sistema de Gestão Comercial de Clientes Especiais (at Edinfor) - Comercial system for Customers' account management, Invoicing, Billing, etc. directed at EDP's big accounts' clients.

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