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gio3x4.jpg Ph.D. Student, Language Specification and Processing in Computer Science. University of Minho, Portugal.

TIP E-Mail Address

Academic Background:

  • Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, DI-UMinho, Portugal (2001-2005).
  • M.Sc. Computer Science, PPGC-UFRGS, Brazil (1999-2001).
  • B.Sc. Computer Science, CC-UNICRUZ, Brazil (1995-1998).

Research Interests: Markup Languages, Semantic Web, Compilers, Reactive Systems.

TIP Language Specification and Processing Group

TIP Published Papers?

TIP Curriculum Vitae in Lattes format


TIP Metamorphosis

TIP XTche: A Language for Topic Maps Schema and Constraints

TIP XCSL: XML Constraint Specification Language

Personal Pages:


TIP Gio at Unicruz

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