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10 Maio 2007: Apresentação da UCE aos alunos

Wireless and Mobile Communication Networks


  • Wide area mobile networks: Cellular networks (GSM, UMTS, 4G networks): Introduction to cellular networks, architectures and evolution; main services (voice, SMS, CMestrado.SD, HSCMestrado.SD, GPRS, EDGE). Simulation and evaluation of CDMA-UMTS. Description and evaluation of MIMO architectures in cellular networks.
  • Satellite mobile networks. "Trunking" (Tetra) networks.
  • Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) and Personnel Area Networks (WPANs) Reference Models. WLANs (IEEE802.11 e HyperLAN): architecture, radio interfaces, propagation and protocol stacks. WPANs (Bluetooth e IEEE802.15): Main concepts and examples, architecture and protocol stacks;
  • Short-range wireless transmission systems: Optical systems (IrDA). Radio-based systems (Bluetooth);
  • Integration and interoperability of mobile networks: Association and handover, global authentication, security issues;
  • Intelligent network platforms. Access to network services (OSA/Parlay, Mexe, GMLC). Technologies and services to support applications (SMS, WAP, MMS, J2ME). Positioning and Geo-location in mobile networks.

Learning outcomes

  • to describe the several types of mobile networks, explaining their evolution and discussing their functionality, complementarity and use;
  • to describe the architecture of cellular networks, interrelating the main components of the architecture and understanding their role;
  • to characterize the underlying protocol stacks of WLANs and WPANs; to select the most convenient network services to support applications in mobile environments.


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