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10 Maio 2007: Apresentação da UCE aos alunos

Multiservice Networking


  • Service integration motivation and principles
  • Quality of Service (QoS? ): principles, parameters, architectures (e.g. Intserv, Diffserv). Traffic control and congestion avoidance mechanisms. QoS? routing. Service contracts specification. Services specification, configuration and management.
  • Reliable and unreliable transport services: unicast and multicast cases. Protocols oriented to QoS? and real-time support (e.g. RTP/RTCP/RTSP). Resource reservation and signaling protocols (e.g. RSVP, H.323, SIP). Voice over IP, Video/TV over IP.

Learning outcomes

  • to recognize the need for service integration and discuss the problematic of Internet QoS? ;
  • to explain and exemplify current QoS? architectures;
  • to evaluate and differentiate QoS? mechanisms;
  • to understand the problem network congestion and mechanisms to avoid it;
  • to select adequate transport services based on the characteristics of applications and user services;
  • to identify, define and relate the main concepts, algorithms for supporting real-time applications with group communication and QoS? requirements;
  • to identify, understand and choose the main signalling and resource reservation solutions in the Internet;
  • to identify the QoS? requirements of applications and services;
  • to understand theoretical and practical concepts behind services such as VoIP? and Video/TV over IP.


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