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10 Maio 2007: Apresentação da UCE aos alunos

Advanced IP Networks


  • Internetworking principles. Internetworking with IPv6
    • The history of IPv6
    • IPv6 basics, IPv6 addressing
    • Neighbour Divscover, Automatic Address Configuration, DHCPv6
    • IPv6 extensions and functionalities
    • IPv6 integration and transition mechanisms
    • Routing and Multicast protocols in IPv6
    • Security in IPv6
    • ICMPv6
    • IPv6 Case Studies, IPv6 research work examples

  • Mobile IP networks
    • Motivation
    • Basic Definitions
    • Mobile IPv4 and IPv6: discovery, registration, tunneling and route optimization
    • Mobility enhanced performance solutions in MIPv4 and MIPv6
      • Regional registration, Paging extensions, FMIP, HMIP, Cellular IP.
    • Cross-Layer solutions for Fast Handoff
    • Network Mobility
      • Network mobility terminology
      • NEMO
      • Multihoming concepts, Routing Optimization, Nested Networks
    • Topics on Quality of service and security issues in Mobile IP Networks
    • Mobile IP research work examples

  • Analysis, discussion and presentation of IPv6 and Mobile IP advanced research works

Learning outcomes

  • to identify and discuss the concepts underlying IPv6 protocol, and their main characteristics and functionality;
  • to understand the new IPv6 addressing mechanisms;
  • to identify and discuss the use of new IPv6 extensions and protocols in advanced IP networks;
  • to identify and understand the major steps to configure an IPv6 network;
  • to understand the principles and functionalities of Mobile IP, explaining its concretization in IPv4 and IPv6;
  • to understand mobility enhanced solutions in IPv4 and IPv6 networks;
  • to analyse and understand novel solutions to support the network mobility paradigm;
  • to analyse and discuss advanced research works in the areas of IPv6 and Mobile IP;


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