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Eve: tackling a giant with a change in perspective

by Chris Granger (Kodowa) a SPLASH 2017 Keynote Speaker

There are many perspectives you could take on the purpose of programming, from “building systems” to “modeling the world”, but none has further reaching consequences than “to augment humans.” With computers so ubiquitous that they live in our pockets, what can we do to help realize the vision of programming for everyone? To even begin answering that, we have to dig into what “augmenting humans” really means and see how that perspective leads us to somewhere very different than our current programming systems. To find a path forward, we’ll have to look at domains that seem far from ours, but doing so might just give us a hint at what the future could look like. (see more)

Eve is a modern relational language for writing data-driven programs without the boilerplate.

-- PedroRangelHenriques - 17 Sep 2017

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