MPC 2000

Fifth International Conference on


July 3 - 5, 2000, Ponte de Lima , Portugal


The Venue

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 New  Airport shuttle: The timetable of this service is available below (version: 00.06.29 ). Please note that new entries may be added to the timetable due to new delegates communicating their flight details to the Organization. All delegates who requested this service will receive an email by Friday 30th morning, at the latest, communicating the final version of the timetable.

 New  Accommodation: maps and other details are now available.


Welcome to MPC 2000 , the Fifth International Conference on MATHEMATICS OF PROGRAM CONSTRUCTION which will take place in Ponte de Lima , an old market town in the picturesque province of Minho , Portugal, in the first week of July 2000. Detailed information including the conference's final programme and on-line registration form are available from this website.

  Co-located workshops

Four workshops are taking place in the same week co-located with the conference: CMPP 2000 - 2nd International Workshop on Constructive Methods for Parallel Programming ; WGP 2000 - 2nd International Workshop on Generic Programming ; DTP 2000 - International Workshop on Subtyping and Dependent Types in Programming ; and WAGA 2000 - 3rd International Workshop on Attribute Grammars and their Applications .

  On-line Registration

Please click here to perform your on-line registration.


Diogo Bernardes Theater

Accommodation will be provided in manor houses provided by the TURIHAB Guest House Association (see Places to Stay ) for delegates who did request accommodation in their registration.

Please click here for details about transport to/from the TURIHAB guest houses.

Please visit Places to Stay in case you did not request accommodation in your registration and wish to choose it on your own. Albergaria Império do Minho (address: Rua A.J. Taveira, 4990 Ponte de Lima; Tel: +351 258 741 510, Fax: +351 258 942 567) is strongly recommended to delegates wishing to stay nearby Diogo Bernardes Theater (nr. 15 on this map ) where the conference will take place. The Albergaria is just on the other side of the road, facing the river.

Prices are available from a short touristic guide which has been prepared by the organization.

  Travel Information

You may reach Ponte de Lima from Porto Airport :
By shuttle: the organization provides a shuttle link between Porto-airport and Ponte de Lima. The current version of the timetable of this airport-link (control date: 00.06.29 ) is as follows (Res. indicates the number of seats reserved so far; Av. indicates the number of seats still available):

MPC 2000 AIRPORT SHUTTLE (Airport <=> Ponte do Lima)
  P. Lima => Airport Airport => P. Lima
Day Departure Res. Av. Departure Res. Av.
Sat, 01       13h00 7 1
        18h00 7 1
Sun, 02       10h00 1 7
        12h00 7 1
        15h30 4 4
        17h00 6 2
Mon, 03 10h00 4 4      
        21h00 1 7
Tue, 04            
Wed, 05 10h00 2 6 11h30 1 7
        18h00 2 6
Thu, 06 9h30 6 2      
        18h00 1 7
Fri, 07 9h30 3 5      
Sat, 08 8h00 3 5      
  9h30 5 3      
  13h30 4 4      
Sun, 09 8h00 1 7      
  9h30 3 5      

Delegates whose flight arrival/departure times don't fit in this timetable should contact the Organization.

By taxi or (rent-a-)car: see Getting There & Away , which includes a list of Rent-a-car companies which operate in the airport .
By bus (Porto airport -> Porto city center -> Ponte de Lima): take the bus (aerobus) from the airport to Porto city center (Av. Aliados/P.Liberdade). There is one every 30m (500$00). Alternatively, take a taxi (4.000$00). Once in Porto city center, you should take an express bus to Ponte de Lima (prices range from 820$00 to 1.000$00) according to the timetables below.
NB: only express bus connections are listed; many other alternative connections (not listed) will imply a bus change in Braga or Viana do Castelo bus stations. From Porto, Viana do Castelo can also be reached by train.
Porto airport -> Ponte de Lima bus connection timetable:

AirportServicePorto A->Porto DService Ponte de LimaNotes
07:50 Aerobus 08:25 -> 08:45 RN Express 10:50 (a,b,c)
12:50/13:20 Aerobus 13:25/13:55 -> 14:30 RENEX 16:30 (b,d,e)
16:20/16:50 Aerobus 17:05/17:25 -> 17:45 RN Express 19:50 (a,b,c)
16:50 Aerobus 17:25 -> 18:00 AV Minho 20:00 (a,b,c)

Ponte de Lima -> Porto airport bus connection timetable:

Ponte de LimaServicePorto A->Porto DService AirportNotes
06:00 AV Minho 08:15 -> 08:45 Aerobus 09:20 (a,c,f,g)
06:10 RN Express 08:55 -> 09:45 Aerobus 10:20 (a,c,f,g)
13:55 RN Express 15:35 -> 16:15 Aerobus 16:50 (a,c,f,g)
23:00 RENEX 01:00 -> * taxi * (d,e,g)

Notes: (a) Monday to Friday. (b) The aerobus stops in Avenida dos Aliados . (c) RN Express buses and AV Minho buses depart from/arrive in Rua Dr. Alfredo Magalhães . (d) Sunday to Friday. (e) RENEX express bus station is nearby Igreja dos Clérigos . (f) The aerobus departs from Praça da Liberdade . (g) All buses from Ponte de Lima depart from Central de Camionagem .


If you have further questions at this point concerning the venue, registration etc please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ms. CARLA OLIVEIRA (mpc2000@di.uminho.pt ) or any member of the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE .

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