3rd International Summer School on Advanced Functional Programming


After two successful schools on Advanced Functional Programming, which were held in Bastad (Springer LNCS 925) and Portland (Springer LNCS 1129), a third school will be organized in Braga, Portugal, by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Minho, from 12th to 19th September, 1998.

The primary aim of this series of schools is to make the participants acquainted with recent developments in the area of Functional Programming. Lectures are aimed especially at showing new programming techniques, introducing new language constructs, and presenting interesting application areas. Another important goal is to provide that kind of information which enables participants to use functional programming in their daily life, after returning from the school.
The school emphasises learning by doing. Thus a substantial amount of time is reserved for actually using the ideas presented in the lectures in programming exercises. During the course students will be challenged to solve a number of exercises in generic program construction by interaction with the lecturer, and by working together on problems.

Most of the lectures in this Summer School are aimed at some aspect of Generic Programming , i.e., programming in a data-type independent way. Generic programming has a number of advantages. It makes it possible to write programs that solve a class of problems once and for all, instead of writing new code over and over again for each different instance.

Potential participants of the school are, on one hand, people from academia such as students and lecturers, and, on the other hand, people from industry, who are considering using or investigating the use of functional languages in real applications.

Please download and print the first call for participation .


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