Program Understanding and Re-engineering: Calculi and Applications

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VDMGrammarEvolution 12 Feb 2007 - 19:32 - r2 JoseBacelarAlmeida
Quantification of the development evolution of the VDM grammar of VooDooMFront. Coverage Metrics Version KP Pr S RSa RSm RC 0.0.1 ...
VooDooM 18 May 2005 - 13:22 - r3 JoostVisser
VooDooM : A transformation tool for VDM SL. FUNCTIONALITY VooDooM reads VDM SL specifications and applies transformation rules to the datatypes that are defined ...
VooDooMFront 12 Feb 2007 - 19:32 - r16 JoseBacelarAlmeida
News May 18, 2005 A browsable version of the VDM SL grammar is now online. April 29, 2005 A report came out on the development of the VDM grammar in SDF. February ...
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