Find TWiki Extensions

To install an extension from this page, click on the link in the 'Action' column.

Note that the webserver user has to be able to write files everywhere in your TWiki installation. Otherwise you may see 'No permission to write' errors during extension installation.

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0 extensions out of 0 already installed

You can add more repositories to the search path by defining the environment variable $TWIKI_REPOSITORIES. Repositories are just TWiki webs which contain published extensions, same as the Plugins web on $TWIKI_REPOSITORIES has to be a semicolon-separated list of repository specifications, name=(list,pub), where:

  • name is the symbolic name of the repository e.g.
  • list is the URL of a TWiki page that lists the available extensions in a special parseable format (see the Plugins.FastReport page), and
  • pub is the root of a download URL on the repository site.
For example,,;,